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Resin Post it Note Holder

Resin Crafts Blog - Tue, 04/26/2016 - 07:00
I like to have note pads accessible at all times and I keep them everywhere, in my purse, on my night stand, etc.  It is even better when they are pretty as well as functional.  I have a great Post it Note Holder die, that makes a nice note pad from mat board, but I thought it would be more durable if I covered the mat board with EnviroTex Lite®.  

Materials List:
  • Envirotex Lite® 
  • Sizzix Post it Note Holder die
  • Sizzix Die Machine
  • Iridescents Paint, Lagoon
  • Mat Board
  • Craft brush
  • Paint brush
  • Post it Notes
  • Velcro® Brand Fastners
  • Resin piece (optional)
  • Stir sticks
  • Glue
  • Craft sheet or plastic for your work surface
  • Lighter

    Project Instructions: 

    Paint mat board with Lagoon, let dry.
     Measure out equal parts of the resin and hardener, stir for two minutes.
     Pour into a second cup and stir for another minute.
     Pour resin mixture onto mat board, use a craft brush to spread the resin, covering the mat board.  Use a lighter to remove any air bubbles that rise to the top.  Let dry for 12 hours..
     Die cut the resin covered mat board, following die cutting machine instructions.
     Fold the mad board to form the Post it Note holder.  Place Post it Notes inside the holder.
     Attach Velcro® Fastener to the holder for the closure.
    I wanted a decorative touch to the note holder, so I got out a variety of resin pieces I had already made to see what would look best.  To see how to make these resin pieces with EasyCast, check out this post.
     Glue the resin piece on as desired,
     Enjoy you note holder!
    EnviroTex Lite® is the perfect finishing touch!

    Monogrammed Resin Coaster with EnviroTex Lite®

    Resin Crafts Blog - Thu, 04/21/2016 - 07:00
    I enjoy finding new ways to make coasters as they make excellent gifts.  Today I am showing how to make a personalized monogrammed resin coaster.  
    Materials List:
    • Envirotex Lite® 
    • Ultra-Seal
    • Tile
    • Tissue paper, 8 1/2" x 11"
    • Computer
    • Printer
    • Craft brush
    • Painters tape
    • Scissors
    • Freezer paper, 8 1/2" x 11"
    • Iron
    • Mixing cups, 4
    • Stir sticks
    • Craft sheet or plastic for your work surface
    • Lighter

      Project Instructions: 
      Iron tissue paper onto the freezer paper.  Find a decorative font you like for your monogram letter, I used Duetica Mandolyn, you will have to determine the best size and print it out onto tissue paper.  Peel the tissue paper from the freezer paper and trim it to fit the tile.  Apply the tissue paper to the tile with the Ultra-Seal™, let it dry completely.  Apply a second coat of Ultra-Seal™ and then, let it dry completely.  
      Adhere, painters tape to the back side of the tile.
      Place the tile onto 2 of the cups,
      Measure out equal parts of the resin and hardener, stir for two minutes.
      Pour into a second cup and stir for another minute.
      Pour the resin slowly onto the tile...use a craft brush if needed to spread the resin out to the edges.  Use a craft stick to remove any drips around the edges if needed.  To remove any air bubbles that may rise to the surface, use a lighter.  Let dry for 24 hours,  Remove the painters tape from the back of the tile.

      Walnut Hollow Memory Tray with EnviroTex Lite

      Resin Crafts Blog - Tue, 04/19/2016 - 07:00
      Some of our most prized possessions are our family photos.  Yet often they are stored in old shoe boxes, dresser drawers, etc.  Creating “Memory Trays” with Envirotex Lite is a great way to enjoy and show off these memorable moments. Memory trays make great gifts!  Use Envirotex lite to permanently preserve and protect your photos with a waterproof, chemical and heat resistant finish.  In addition, Envirotex Lite is acid & solvent free and can be used safely over color copies, newspaper clippings, paint and ink surfaces as well.  This project is from Environmental Technology.  
      Materials List:
      • Envirotex Lite – 8 oz. kit
      • Walnut Hollow Basswood Tray or Plate
      • Photographs (Color Copies recommended for photographs).
      • White Glue
      • Craft or foam brush
      • Wood Stain or paint for wood surface
      • Newspaper clippings (optional)

        Project Instructions: 
        1. Protect your work surface with newspapers.  Stain or paint tray with one or more coats.  Allow to dry thoroughly.
        2. Trim your photos and arrange them on your tray.  When working with irreplaceable photos, use color copies in place of the originals.  Add any lettering on separate paper, cut to size ready to glue.
        3. Apply glue over entire wood tray surface with foam brush, immediately position pictures.  To remove trapped air bubbles and excess glue from under your photos, place a plastic bottle or roller in the center of your photo.  Gently roll to the outer edges.  Allow glue to dry thoroughly.
        4. Seal the entire tray surface with three coats of white glue; let dry between coats.  Once thoroughly dry, coat with Envirotex Lite per the package instructions (also, see photo steps below).  If there are any air bubbles that rise to the top, simply huff on them to remove.

        Measure out equal parts of  EnviroTex Lite resin and hardener.
        Mix together for 2 minutes.  
        Pour into a second cup and mix for another minute.

        Cactus Ring Holder with EasySculpt

        Resin Crafts Blog - Thu, 04/14/2016 - 07:00
        Today we have designer Myléne Hillam with this cute Cactus Ring Holder she created with EasySculpt®

        Materials Required:
        ·   EasySculpt®·   20g copper wire – 20”·   Green acrylic paint·   Lumiere Metallic Rust·   Folk Art Lime Green·   Pearl Ex powder Aztec Gold·   Firm fitting latex gloves·   Acrylic roller·   Small shallow dish for shaping/forming the base·   2 Teflon craft sheets·   Talcum powder·   Craft knife·   Paint brush·   220 grit sandpaper·   Dust mask·   Block of polystyrene packing foam – this will support the cactus whilst it is curing·   Timer
        Instructions:  Before beginning, put on your gloves – EasySculpt will be sticky while you are working with it.  Dust the Teflon sheets with Talcum Powder.
         Bend the wire 8” from one end and twist together for the first 2”.

         Create a 2 ¼” arm to one side of center, twisting the wire back onto itself. Create a curve close to the main stem.

         Create another arm on the other side of center to match. Twist the rest of the wire down the main stem.

         Scoop out a marble sized piece of each of Parts A and B. Mix together according to the package instructions. Form it into a log.

         Place one of the arms on top and form the EasySculpt around the wire.

         Mix more EasySculpt and wrap it around the other two arms. Remove any excess clay and form it around the main stem. You’ll notice that EasySculpt will become firmer whilst you are working with it. If it is too soft and sticky to begin with, set it aside for 10-15 minutes and try again.

         You will be able to continue refining the shape of the arms for approximately 2 hours or more after you mixed the clay. Once you are happy with the shape, support the cactus upright by inserting the wire into a thick piece of polystyrene.

         Scoop out a ¾” ball of each of Parts A and B and mix together. Set the timer for 20-25 minutes before proceeding.

         Flatten the ball and place it between the two Teflon sheets. Roll it slightly larger than the size of the small bowl.

         Cut around the dish with the craft knife. Place the circle gently inside the dish (do not push it against the sides of the dish or it may stick permanently). Allow the clay to cure overnight. 
         Use the craft knife to carefully release the clay away from the dish. Put on the dust mask and trim any jagged edges with the knife and finish with the sandpaper to smooth the edge.

         Mix up a marble sized piece of EasySculpt and form it into a ball. Trim the wire close to the bottom of the cactus. Center the EasySculpt on the dish and press the base of the cactus into the clay.

        Mix some more EasySculpt and divide it into two balls. Color one ball with Pearl Ex powder and the other with Metallic Rust paint. Break off small pieces and form them into odd shaped pebbles. Attach them to the base of the cactus.

        Mosaic Tile Tray with EasySculpt®

        Resin Crafts Blog - Tue, 04/12/2016 - 07:00
        Create a quick and easy mosaic tile tray using EasySculpt®.
        Here's how:
         Gather your supplies:  EasySculpt®,  mosaic tiles, small dish, rolling pin, Iridescent Powder, non stick surface, non stick scissors, paint brush.
         Measure equal parts of A and B.
         Blend together until you have a uniform color.  Set aside for 15 - 20 minutes.
         Roll clay out onto non stick surface.  Then, place onto the dish, trim as needed. 
         Press tiles into clay,
         Apply the powder using a paint brush.  Be generous with the powder.  Let set overnight.  Remove excess powder and place back into container.
        Now your tray is ready to use!

        Decorative Light Switch Cover with EasySculpt®

        Resin Crafts Blog - Thu, 04/07/2016 - 07:00
        EasySculpt® is a Self-hardening Epoxy Molding Clay that is so versatile and easy to use.  The best part is that you do not have to know how to sculpt it have great results.Here is how I created this decorative light switch cover...
        Measure out equal parts of A and B EasySculpt®.  Then, mix together until blended with a uniform color.  Set aside for about 20 minutes.  Lightly spray two pieces of freezer paper with Mold Release.
         Place the EasySculpt® between the freezer paper and roll out thinly and large enough to cover the light switch.
         Place the EasySculpt® onto the light switch (Note: EasySculpt® will adhere to the light switch while it is drying, without the use of glue).  Cut away the opening.  Use a tooth pick to make the holes for the screws.  
         Use rubber stamps to create a design and texture.
         Use Iridescent Powders to add color and shimmer. 
        Be generous and be sure to cover the edges all the way around.  Let this set for 12 hours.  Shake off the excess powder and place it back into it's container.  
        Now the light switch cover is ready to be used.  So quick and easy!

        Amber Encased with EasyCast

        Resin Crafts Blog - Tue, 04/05/2016 - 07:00
        Hi everyone!  Today, we have artist Mark James sharing how he encased a piece of Amber using EasyCast.
        I make a lot of wood crafts, canes, in particular.  In the cane pictured above, I had glued a piece of Amber at the top of the open hole I created.  I did not like that it seemed to move around as I thought it might come loose.
        So I sanded down one side of the opening to make it as flat as possible.  Then, I placed packing tape over the opening, being sure to burnish the tape to the cane.
         Begin by measuring out equal parts of EasyCast resin and hardener and stirring together for 2 minutes. 
        Pour into a second cup and stir for another minute.

        I removed the Amber from the cane and poured a small amount of EasyCast into the opening.  Then, I placed the amber into the center of the opening.  I let this set up for 8 hours.  Mix together another small batch of the EasyCast, as before.  This time, fill to cover the Amber completely.  Let dry 24 hours.  Pull the tape away from the back side. 
        This turned out perfect with the Amber encased with the EasyCast.
        I may have to make more wood canes with openings as this looks great!!

        We are Resin Blog Hopping with Ann Butler Designs

        Resin Crafts Blog - Thu, 03/31/2016 - 00:40
        Welcome to our ETI / Ann Butler Designs Blog Hop...
        Check out all of these great projects created by the Ann Butler Designs Creative Team using products by ETI and Ann Butler Designs!
        To get instructions for each of the projects simply click on the names under the photos.
        Ann Butler

        Beth Watson

        Einat Kessler

        Irit Shalom

        Larissa Pittman

        Madeline Arendt

        Paula DeReamer

        Steph Ackerman

        Tammy Santana

        Vishu Reberholt

        Resin Marbled Photo Frame with EnviroTex Lite

        Resin Crafts Blog - Tue, 03/29/2016 - 07:00
        I found a thick decorative shaped mat board frame at Michael's on clearance and thought it would be a great surface to do try marbling technique with EnviroTex Lite....
        Start by painting the entire frame the color of your choice, I choose a dark blue.
        Be sure to cover your surface with plastic.  For the marbling technique, you want to mix double the amount of EnviroTex Lite that you would need to cover the surface.  I mixed together equal amounts of the hardener and resin and stirred for 2 minutes.  Then, I poured the mixture into a second cup and stirred for another minute.  Choose the colors you want to use to marble with.  I mixed a light, medium and dark blue, along with a white and light pink.  I was not sure if I would use the light pink but had it on hand incase I decided to use it.
        Start by pouring your colors....
        onto the frame.  I decided not to use the pink, I had a mold ready to pour it into, so it did not go to waste.
        Use a disposable paint brush to mix the colors together a bit....
        Then, lift the frame...
        In every direction to let the colors blend together and create a marbling effect.
        Once your happy with the results.  Place the frame up on something off the work surface for 24 hours to dry.  Be sure to wipe drips away from the edges if needed.
        Add a photo and display!

        Resin Embellishment Fun with Silicone Putty Molds

        Resin Crafts Blog - Thu, 03/24/2016 - 07:00
        Hello Resin Craft fans. Karen Bearse here with another fun resin post. Today we are playing with molds and resin. Have you ever bought embellishments and just wish they had them in plastic? Or maybe like me you want to hoard your one piece until the Apocalypse so you need to make more.
        First we start with making the mold. Figure out how much putty you will need to create your mold. Work on 1 mold at a time. Read product directions for more information.

        Pinch off equal parts of Easy Mold and knead the putty together for 1 minute or until you have a solid purple color. Shape putty to the size and shape you need so there is enough to push your piece into the putty. Put piece on a craft sheet and gently push your original into the putty. Let set for 25 minutes and remove object. To use with resin the mold must cure for 24 hours.I made a second mold using a word. Make sure you reverse the word before pushing it into putty so your word is backwards.

         Once the mold was cured I prepared some EasyCast by measuring out equal parts of the resin and hardener, mixing together and stirring for 2 minutes.  I poured it into a new cup and stirred for one more minute.

        Then,I added 1-2 drops of color pigment in white. Stir until color is uniform.  Pour resin into mold dripping carefully using a stir stick. 
        I let the resin cure overnight. My resin pieces popped out easily.

         Now I have some cool white embellishments that I can leave white or color with alcohol inks, copic markers or acrylic paint!

        Resin Easter Paper Weight with EasyCast

        Resin Crafts Blog - Tue, 03/22/2016 - 07:00
        I love looking for new things to use in resin paper weights.  With Easter coming up, I found these little bright sparkling eggs and knew they would be perfect!Measure out equal amounts of EasyCast resin and hardener into a cup and stir for 2 minutes.
        Pour into a second cup and stir for another minute.
        Pour mixture into a paper weight mold that has been sprayed with Mold Release.
        Put eggs into mixture as desired.  
        Use a lighter to remove any air bubbles and then let set for 12 hours.
        Mix together a small batch of EasyCast, as described above, and add some ultra fine glitter, in the color that matches one of the eggs.
        Pour glitter mixture into the mold.  Remove any air bubbles with a light and let set for 12 hours.
        Pop the paper weight out of the mold and you have a colorful layered paper weight.

        Marbled Shamrocks with EnviroTex Lite!

        Resin Crafts Blog - Thu, 03/17/2016 - 07:00
        Happy St. Patrick's Day resin lovers!  Beth Watson here to share a project with you.  I recently took a class with ETI and learned a faux marbling technique that I wanted to try again.  And when I discovered these nesting shamrocks at my local craft store, I thought they would be perfect to fill with marbled resin - SCORE! 
        EnviroTex Lite is so easy to use, it mixes up quick, has a good open working time and sets in 24 hours.

        Base coat wooden shamrocks with acrylic craft paint in a light green, medium green and dark green, let dry.  Apply a second coat, if needed.    Seal inside and outside of wooden shamrocks with ETI Ultra Seal, making sure to seal the joints well.  You don't want any resin seeping through.
        Prepare your project for resin by finding a level surface that is out of the way and line with waxed paper, a non-stick craft sheet or parchment paper.  Place your project on this surface.Mix 3 oz. of Enviro Tex Lite resin and hardener in the plastic cup and stir for 2 minutes with the wooden stick.  Make sure to scrape the bottom and the sides as you stir.  I used my cell phone to time my mixing.  Next, pour this mixture into a new plastic cup and stir for an additional minute with a new wooden stick.
        Divide the mixed resin into three cups, pouring 2 oz. in each cup.  Squirt in a dime size dollop of light green, medium green and dark green craft paint, one color in each cup.

        Stir each cup of resin with a wooden stick until well mixed, about 30 seconds.

        Carefully pour the resin into the wooden shamrocks.  Be very careful not to pour in too much resin, you want it to just come up to the edge, not go over.

        Spread the resin out in the wooden shamrocks with your stir sticks.

        Pour small puddles of an opposite colored resin into each shamrock.  With a wooden toothpick, swirl the colors together to create a marbled effect.

        Don't over mix your colors or you will end up with a muddy mess!

        Remove any air bubbles by "huffing" over the surface of the resin with your hot breath.  Let dry in an out of the way, but level, place for 24 hours.  If you have pets, make sure to cover your project with an upside down plastic bin to protect it from hair and paw prints!

        Attach resin filled wooden shamrocks to a 24" length of 1" wide ribbon and tie a gold bow at the top of each shamrock for a bit of sparkle! 

        My marbled shamrocks would make a great decoration for your front door instead of a wreath!

        Thanks for stopping by!  -Beth

        Glittered Dollar Store Butterfly Wind Chime with EnviroTex Lite

        Resin Crafts Blog - Tue, 03/15/2016 - 07:00
        When I saw this butterfly wind chime at a dollar store, I thought it would look great with a touch a glitter and resin...I took the chimes off.
        I mixed a small amount of EnviroTex Lite , hardener and resin together for 2 minutes.
        I then poured the mixture into a new cup and stirred for another minute.
        Then, I mixed a small amount of ultrafine giltter into the resin mixture and poured it onto the butterfly.
        I used a lighter to remove the air bubbles and let it set for 24 hours,
         I painted the back of the butterfly with Sunshine Iridescents and sprinkled a bit of ultrafine glitter on and let it dry.  Then, I mixed together a small amount of EnviroTex Lite , hardener and resin as mentioned above and poured it onto the back of the butterfly.  I let this set for 24 hours,
        I painted the chimes with Limelight Iridescents and sprinkled with ultrafine glitter and let them dry.  Then, I placed them onto the butterfly for a completed wind chime,  It hangs perfectly underneath my mom's carport.  
         It is out of the elements and gives a bit of color outside.

        Glittered Stepping Stone with EnviroTex Lite

        Resin Crafts Blog - Thu, 03/10/2016 - 07:00
        I found this cute little stepping stone at a discount store and thought it adding a coat of EnviroTex Lite would make it hold up better outside.
        I started off by cleaning it and touching up a bit of the paint.
        I added equal parts of the EnviroTex Lite resin and hardener together and stirred for 2 minutes.
        I poured the mixture into a second cup and stirred for another minute.  I added a bit of ultra fine glitter to the mixture.
        Then, I slowly poured a thin layer of the mixture over the stepping stone.
        I used the stir stick to spread the mixture around the edge.
        Then, I used the stir stick to wipe the bottom edge as it dripped.
        I used a lighter to remove the bubbles that came to the top and let it set up for 24 hours.
        Now it is ready to place in the garden, once the snow is gone, here in Minnesota!!

        Resin Marbled Lazy Susan with EnviroTex Lite

        Resin Crafts Blog - Tue, 03/08/2016 - 07:00
        Marbling with EnviroTex Lite may seem complicated but it really is easy to do and oh such a fun technique!I had a Lazy Susan that was plain and thought this technique would be a perfect way to make it into something I would like to have out on the counter!  I was right, I love the results! First I painted the Lazy Susan, black.  Then, I placed painters tape on the under side, to catch the drips.
        For the marbling technique you will need to mix double the of EnviroTex Lite required to flood coat your project.   I mixed 14 ounces of EnviroTex, 
         Divide mixture into 3 or 4 containers, depending upon how many colors you will be using.  I choose 4 colors: black, grey, brown and white.  I used about 1/4 - 1/2 of a teaspoon paint for each color and mixed completely.  This is a messy technique so be sure and have plenty of plastic covering your work surface and use gloves.  Spread each color in a random pattern onto the surface.
         Lift the surface and let the colors run and blend...
         rotate and turn in all directions...
         and continue to let the colors run and blend together.
         This allows the colors to open and spread.  Continue until you like the results.
         Since the project I am doing is a Lazy Susan, it is naturally lifted off the surface...if it was something flat, you would want to place it on something to have it off the surface.  Be sure to scrap the drips off the bottom.  You can repeat the process or add a bit more color, while the EnviroTex is still liquid, until you are satisfied with your results. Remove bubbles with a lighter as needed.  Let cure for 24 hours.  Then, flood with a clear coat of EnviroTex Lite, this will make your project more durable.   

        ARTSY EasySculpt Trivet

        Resin Crafts Blog - Thu, 03/03/2016 - 07:00
        Create a one of a kind trivet with EasyScuplt, Stamps and Iridescent Powders.
        This is an easy project and can be personalized with stamps of choice.
         Start with equal amounts of A & B EasySculpt...
         Blend together until you have a uniform color.  Let set for about 20 minutes.
         Roll out between two pieces of freezer or plastic.
         Place EasySculpt onto a 8" x 8" tile.  Spray stamps of choice lightly with Mold Release & Conditioner.  Then, stamp randomly with stamps of choice.
         Apply choice of Iridescent Powders, as desired.  Let dry.
        Paint 4 knobs to match and glue to the bottom of the trivet (optional).

        Adding EnviroTex Lite and Glitter to a Picture

        Resin Crafts Blog - Tue, 03/01/2016 - 07:00
        EnviroTex Lite is such an amazing product!  I picked up some inexpensive pictures to experiment with and I love the results... I gathered my supplies which included several colors of ultra fine glitter and EnviroTex Lite.
         I used a toothpick and craft glue, that dries clear, to outline the areas I wanted to highlight with glitter.
         I sprinkled on a generous amount of glitter...
         and continued with each color of glitter until I was happy with the coverage.  Once the glitter was dry I put some painters tape onto the beck side of the picture.
         I measured out 1 ounce of each the hardener and resin and stirred them together for 2 minutes.
        Then, I poured them into a second cup and stirred for another minute.
         I poured the resin over the picture. 
         I used my stir stick to gently move the resin to the corners of the picture. 
        Using a glove, I ran my finger over the edge to catch the drip and cover the edge with a light coat of the resin.
         A lighter was used to remove the air bubbles as they rose to the surface.  Then, I let it set for 24 hours. I removed the painters tape from the back of the picture.  This works well to catch the drips of resin and keep the back side of the picture clean.
         The EnviroTex Lite made the colors of the picture and glitter pop!
        You can see it better in this photo...I love all of that shine!

        Blog Hop with ETI Resin Crafts today

        Resin Crafts Blog - Thu, 02/25/2016 - 00:01
        We are happy to be Blog Hopping today with a great group of Designers. For complete instructions for the projects simply click on the names below each picture to check out each blog post!We also have a Giveaway...

        You will get one entry for each comment...so be sure to leave a comment on each Blog! Winner will be drawn from all comments left by midnight (CST) March 3, 2016,  Winner will be notified via email.  
        Let's get started.... 
        Beth Watson

        Heather LittleCreates some Silicone Putty Molds for her ART!
        Irit Shalom
        Created an upcycled tray with EasyCast.
        Larissa PittmanCreates funky little necklaces with EasyCast covered charms.
        Madeline ArendtCreated a unique necklace with EasySculpt.
        Paula DeReamerCreated a wire wrapped key chain with EasyCast.

        Steph AckermanCreates a cute little tin with EasyCast.
        Tammy SantanaCreates charms, zipper pulls and pendants with EasyCast.
        Vishu ReberholtCreates stunning coasters with EnviroTex Lite.
        We hope you enjoyed seeing all of these creative projects!!

        Be sure to leave comments on each Blog for a chance at the Giveaway!!

        Resin Star Sun Catcher

        Resin Crafts Blog - Tue, 02/23/2016 - 07:00
        Hi Resin fans, Karen Bearse here with a quick colorful chippie star sun catcher tutorial. I did a test the other day that was hugely successful & I wanted to share it. I don't know about you but I love playing with chipboard and wood pieces, adding them to art journal, scrapbook pages, etc. Some pieces and die cuts have nice open spaces which would look great filled in with resin. This could be used for decoration or in your art project.

        I decided to alter a chipboard star. Here is what my finished project looks like.

        First mix the resin. Pour equal measures of EnviroTex Lite resin & hardener into a cup and stir for 2 minutes. Pour this mix into a new cup and with a new stick stir for 1 minutes.

        One of the great things about resin is you can color it with Castin' Craft dye. For this project, I used amber and red transparent dye. Put a drop of amber color and mix it into the resin. With the star on a craft sheet start dripping the resin onto the star using the stir stick. Drip amber resin onto 3 sections of the star. I let the resin run over a little onto the wood edges to ensure it would stick. Add a drop or 2 of red dye to the remaining resin mix you have & stir. Slowly drip this new color onto the rest of the empty parts of the star. Using cool colors resulted in the resin blending nicely when it happened to overlap. Do not move the piece, let it dry overnight.
        This is what I ended up with. So first off it worked yay! The craft sheet does leave a bit of texture imprinted in the resin, so the next time, to prevent this, I would start with the wood piece on parchment paper. I would also add some glitter or mica to add a little fun! There was some drippage on the edges which I cut off. Once the edges were cleaned up I used an awl to carefully punch a hole for a brad.  I wrapped a bit of wire around the star and attached a charm with a jump ring. 
        Bonus: I also did a piece using a scrap of paper cut with a film strip die. Using clear resin, I dripped some onto my die cut the same way. Only this time, I left one of the holes open, without resin. I left the drippage on the edges. The result is a very cool piece that can be used on an art journal page or a scrapbook page. Thanks for playing along today!
        Supplies:Enviro Tex LiteCasting Craft DyeChipboard - Southern Ridge TradingCharm
        Jump ring.

        Resin ART with Scrapbook Papers

        Resin Crafts Blog - Thu, 02/18/2016 - 07:00
        There are so many beautiful Scrapbook Papers available these days that make wonderful ART pieces for home decor.  I thought to make them a bit more up-scale the ART would be stunning covered in resin and I am not disappointed...EnviroTex Lite is perfect...check it out!

        Here is how easy it is to do...
         Adhere chosen scrapbook paper to heavy weight mat board with Ultra-Seal.  Apply two coats of Ultra-Seal on the top side of paper,   
         letting dry between coats.
         Mix equal amount of EnviroTex Lite resin and 
         hardener into a cup.
         Stir for 2 minutes.  Pour into a second cup and stir for another minute.
         Place mat board up off a plastic lined surface.  Pour resin onto surface.
        Use stick to move resin to edges if needed.  Use a lighter to remove air bubbles that rise to the surface.  Remove drips with a stick to keep the back of the ART piece clean.  Let dry for 24 hours.
        I love how this turned out...the glitter in the paper shows up beautifully through the resin.
        Go pick out some beautiful paper and give this a try!!


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