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by ETI
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Resin FIRE Coasters

Wed, 01/09/2019 - 07:00

Create colorful resin fire coasters with markers, isoprophyl alcohol, and a lighter then coat with EnviroTex Lite® Pour On High Gloss Finish.

Hey Resin Crafters! Amber Oliver here with another great resin craft! This project is a recreation of a craft I did last year that was a bit of a #DIYfail. I created beautiful coasters with a neat method I’ll explain below – but they didn’t last because of the spray sealant I used. This time around, I used EnviroTex Lite® Pour On High Gloss Finish to ensure my creations wouldn’t be ruined by drink condensation!


Step 1: Start by scribbling on the tile with various colors.

Step 2: Next drip a small amount of isopropyl alcohol on the tile.

step 3: Carefully light on fire and let the alcohol burn off.

Step 4: Repeat until you have the desired number of “coasters”.

Step 5: Now you are ready for the Envirotex Lite Pour On. (You’ll want to setup in a cardboard box for easy disposal.) This is a multi-step process so don’t start mixing until you are ready to do the whole process from beginning to end!

Start by mixing EQUAL parts of the Hardener and the Resin. Stir for two minutes (be sure to scrape the bottoms and sides) then pour from the first cup into a second and mix with a new stir stick for another minute. Once it’s ready, pour directly onto your tiles! I put mine onto small mixing cups to allow the extra resin to drip off.

Step 6: Use a brush to smooth those over the sides.

Step 7: After about 20 minutes you’ll see bubbles appear on the surface of the resin – you can use a butane torch to pop these or simply breathe on it like I did! It’s the CO2 in your breath that releases the bubbles – not the heat!

After the resin has had time to cure, you’re ready to add the backing onto the tiles. Felt works great for this and keeps the tiles from scratching your tabletops.

DIY Donut Necklace and Earrings from Resin

Mon, 01/07/2019 - 07:00

You can make your own donut necklace and earrings from resin in just a few minutes.  These would make a great gift or a very whimsical addition to your jewelry box.  We are sharing the quick and easy craft tutorial below so make a set for yourself or to give as a gift.

Supplies needed to make a donut necklace and earrings:


Start by spraying your mold with the mold release and conditioner.  Allow to dry completely before continuing.  Then mix up the EasyCast Clear Casting Epoxy according to the package directions.  Be sure to do the two cup mixing procedure to ensure everything is mixed well.  You will also need to wear protective gloves while mixing.

Then add the non-pariels to your mixture.  You will need to add a BUNCH of these to your mixed resin.  Really pack it full of these so you don’t get any settling in your finished product.

Then place your mixture down into the ring mold for both the necklace and earrings.  Pop any bubbles that rise to the surface.

Then put the mold on a level surface and allow to cure completely.  I allowed mine to cure overnight.  Pop out of the mold and use the jewelry adhesive to add the backs to the earrings.  You will also need to add a hook to the necklace piece and place it on your chain.

Your donut necklace and earrings are now ready for wearing or giving as gifts.  This simple idea will look great when you wear them for a fun party!

Be sure to grab your supplies and make your own version of this fun project!  You can think of other things that you can make with this same technique as well.  Mix up the colors of your non-pariels or just add in glitter!  Either way, you are sure to love making your own necklace and earrings!

DIY Winter Decor Ideas

Fri, 01/04/2019 - 07:00

You know that awkward period after the holidays where it feels like you took down the holiday decorations and now your house is just bare? We can relate to that! But no worries. Your decor game doesn’t have to go downhill, we’ve rounded up some of the best DIY Winter Decor Ideas that you can incorporate into your home style post-holiday celebrations. We hope you enjoy!

Which ones will you create?

DIY Pinecone Garland | Trish Sutton

DIY Icicle Candle Holders | Lydi Out Loud

DIY ‘Hello Winter’ Glitter Sign | Happiness is Homemade

DIY Winter Hat Door Hanging | Crafts by Amanda

DIY Winter Woodland Sign | Blooming Homestead

DIY Rustic Wood Candle Holders | Chatfield Court

DIY Snowflake Wall Hanging | The Crafted Sparrow

DIY Winter Wreath | The Everyday Home

DIY Iced Branches | The Happier Homemaker

Resin Unicorn Horn Painted Rock Magnet DIY

Wed, 01/02/2019 - 07:00

Resin Unicorn Horn Painted Rock Magnet

Natalie from Doodlecraft here, with another especially cute resin craft.  This Resin Unicorn horn painted rock magnet is easy to make and oh, so cute!  Decorate a fridge, locker or office with this adorable magnet…or use it as a darling paperweight or party favor.  Unicorns are magical and wonderful!

Supplies needed:

FastCast Resin

Envirotex Spray Clear Sealer

Unicorn Horn Silicone Mold

Round Rock

Acrylic Craft Paint

Glitter Paint


E6000 Glue

Hot Glue/Gun

Colored Felt

Begin by mixing up the FastCast according to package directions.  FastCast sets incredibly fast, so make sure everything is ready before starting.  These horns are small, so they don’t need much FastCast.

The horns set in 15 minutes and are ready to use immediately.

Begin with painting the rock.

Paint the rock white and use glitter paint on the resin horn.

Use a thin paintbrush to paint eyes and lashes in black craft paint.

Add pink rosy cheeks next.

Let the paint dry and then spray with Resin Spray to seal the paint and give it some shine.

Cut white felt into pony ears.  Cut some colorful small felt circles into spirals.  Twist them from the end of the spiral to the center and hot glue in place, as pictured below.

Use a small dot of E6000 Glue and a small dot of hot glue on the back of the horn, then press it to the rock.  The hot glue will adhere it instantly while the E6000 will keep it more permanent.


Next, hot glue little felt ears on the rock.  Then hot glue the flowers around the horn.  Finally; hot glue a felt circle on the backside of the rock for a paperweight, or E6000 a magnet on the backside.

Now it’s ready to adorn the fridge, office filing cabinet, or school locker!  Perfect for keeping track of important pictures or memos while looking absolutely adorable.

Pressed Fern and Resin Plaque

Mon, 12/31/2018 - 07:00

This simple nature-inspired pressed fern and resin plaque art idea is a beautiful keepsake of a special family memory.

DIY Pressed Fern and Resin Plaque

Last summer my mom and I took the kids on a hike through the forest near our family cottage. It was damp and hot and for some reason I was concerned about a brown bear jumping out at us from the bushes.

It was completely irrational since we don’t have brown bears in the area. But you know when you get something in your head and it won’t leave? Yup, that was me.


I had been a little nervous about taking 5 kids on this hike on a hot day. But they did great and we had a beautiful time. Although it was hot and dry everywhere else, the forest path was damp and lush, lined in one area with beautiful natural ferns. I collected a few small fronds and pressed them into a book.

Recently I rediscovered this book of fern fronds and memories of that lovely hike through the woods came rushing back. I decided to display them with the help of EnviroTex Lite in my tween daughter’s new bedroom. This method could be used to display any pressed flowers – I’ve collected quite a few of our lovely spring pansies for a future project!

Materials Needed for a Pressed Fern and Resin Plaque

How to Make this Fern and Resin Wall Art Idea

For best results be sure to read the instructions provided in the EnviroTex Lite Pour On packaging. Ensure your resin and hardener are at room temperature or warmer before mixing.

Brush a generous coat of clear drying sealer to the inside surfaces of the wood plaque. Make sure to thoroughly cover the join lines to keep the resin from leaking out.

While the glue/sealer is still wet, gently place the pressed fern fronds onto the surface, arranging them as you’d like.

Press down the fern fronds onto the glue.

Paint another coat of sealer over top of the pressed ferns. Let dry completely (ideally overnight).

Mix exactly equal amounts of Resin and Hardener into one measuring cup. The size of your piece will determine how much resin you need. In my case, I poured 1.5 oz of the resin and 1.5 oz of the hardener.

Stir continuously for 2 minutes, scraping the sides of the container.

Pour the mixture into a second cup and stir for an additional minute, scraping the sides of the container and stir stick.

Slowly pour the resin mixture over the ferns.

Tilt the plaque to get the resin over the entire surface. The resin will settle and level itself out over time.

Cover to keep dust from settling in. Ensure your tray is placed on a level surface. After about 15 minutes, remove any bubbles that have risen to the surface by gently blowing over the piece through a straw. Repeat if necessary after another 15 minutes and up to about an hour to ensure no bubbles have formed. Use a clean straw each time to avoid moisture from your breath collecting inside the straw and transferring onto the piece. Use a clean toothpick to release any larger bubbles.

Cover and allow to cure overnight (will fully cure over 72 hours).

The EnviroTex Lite pour-on gave this earthy piece of art a luscious glossy finish. While it looks so nice in my daughter’s bedroom I think I’ll need to make two more and hang them all together in my living room.

For more resin and nature crafting ideas, be sure to check out:
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Like it? Pin it for Later!

Decorative DIY Resin Trays

Fri, 12/28/2018 - 05:00

Can you believe that we are about to welcome the brand new year? We don’t know about you guys, but in the year 2019 we have plenty of plans for DIY and crafting! We here at Resin Crafts Blog are always looking for new ways to use resin to create beautiful things. Today we’re going to look at the many different kinds of Decorative DIY Resin Trays you can create for your home!

Which ones will you create?

DIY Happy New Year Glitter Tray

DIY Marbled Resin Round Tray

DIY Metal and Lace Resin Party Tray

DIY Tropical Leaf Resin Breakfast Tray

DIY Fabric Resin Tray

DIY Gold Glitter High Gloss Resin Tray

DIY Driftwood Slice Serving Tray 

DIY DVD Mosaic Resin Tray 

DIY Shiny Wood and Resin Serving Tray 

DIY Resin Shell Tray 

Pistachio Shell Flower Paperweight

Wed, 12/26/2018 - 05:00

Hello Resin Crafters! Do you like to reuse things and repurpose things? I love recycled crafting! A few years ago, I learned how to make pistachio shell flowers, and they are so much fun! Not only do you get to eat yummy pistachios, but the flowers are really beautiful. I decided that I wanted to make a flower, and encase it in resin to use as a paperweight, and it turned out awesome.  I’m thrilled to be able to share the how-to with you today!  If you don’t like pistachios, find a friend who does, and ask them to save some shells for you.  You won’t need very many for this project!

Pistachio Shell Flower Paperweight Supplies:

The first thing you need to do to prepare for this project is to prepare your dome mold.  Spray the mold with the Mold Release and Conditioner.  A nice thin, even coating.  Allow the mold to dry completely.

When the mold is dry, mix 1 oz of EasyCast Clear Casting Epoxy. Be sure to wear gloves when handling Epoxy.  Combine .5 oz of both the resin and the hardener and stir for two minutes.  Pour into a clean cup, and stir for an additional minute.   After you’ve completed the mixing, pour the resin into the bottom of your dome mold.  Allow the bubbles to rise to the surface, and then blow on them, or use a heat gun to pop any bubbles that appear.  Cover, and allow this first layer to cure for at least 4 hours.  If your dome mold doesn’t want to stay level, sit it in the mouth of a cup to keep it from tipping while your resin cures.

While the first small layer of resin is curing, build your pistachio flower!

Start with a 2″ circle of paper.  Add two shells to the center of the circle, standing upright, with hot glue.

Add more shells around the first two shells, forming an open flower as you go.  It should take around 40 shells (depending on their size) to fill the 2″ circle.

After you’ve filled the entire 2″ paper circle, you can paint your flower, or leave it natural.   I used a pretty teal metallic paint for mine.  Let the paint dry completely before moving on.

When your first layer is cured, you can mix another batch of epoxy.  Mix 3 oz of EasyCast Clear Casting Epoxy using the two cup method.  Pour a small amount of epoxy into the top of your flower to fill the center a little bit.

Then turn your flower upside down in the mold, and tape it into place using masking tape.  The tape will hold the flower down into the resin, keeping it from rising up out of the mold.

Pour your remaining epoxy into the mold.  Use your breath, a torch, or a heat gun to pop any bubbles that rise to the surface.  There will be bubbles trapped under your flower. to get fewer of those, pour the epoxy into the mold and then push the flower down into the epoxy.  I wanted the bubbles because I like the effect but you can avoid a good number of those by pouring the resin first, instead of adding the flower first.

Cover and allow to cure overnight.  After the epoxy has cured, remove the masking tape, turn the mold upside down, and press the center of it to pop your paperweight out.   The magnified 3D effect of the flower is so neat!  Add a circle of felt or cork to the bottom of your paperweight if you want or you can leave it bare.   Use different colors on the pistachio shells, leave them bare, or you can even stain the shells!  So many different options.

What color would you paint your Pistachio Flower?


Resin Galaxy Constellation Clock DIY

Mon, 12/24/2018 - 07:00

Resin Galaxy Constellation Clock DIY

Hello Resin Crafters, it’s Natalie from Doodlecraft sharing the perfect resin craft to ring in the new year!  This Resin Clock DIY is perfect to clink glasses to at midnight.  It’s fun to make and can be completed, minus the resin curing, in just an afternoon.  Pick your favorite constellations to add to the clock face and let’s get started on this clock DIY.

Supplies needed:

Envirotex Lite Pour-On High Gloss Resin

Wood Clock Face

Clock Maker Hardware

Clock Numbers

Black, White, Pink, Blue, Aqua, Yellow Craft Paint

Stencil Brush

Disposable work surface, Mixing cups and Stirring Sticks

Hot glue/gun

Begin by painting the wood clock face black.  Let it dry completely and then use the stencil brush to dab on colors.

Add lots of brilliant colors to the clock face, then let it dry.

Next, stencil brush some black paint all over the top of the clock face, leaving just peeking colors showing.

After the paint dries, put some white paint on the paintbrush and flick it on the clock face to make stars.

Then use a small paintbrush to paint in some stars and dots in the perfect constellation clusters.

After the paint is dry, hot glue the numbers on the clock face.

Resin Time!

Now mix up the resin.  Read the directions carefully and mix an ounce of resin with an ounce of hardener.  Stir for 2 minutes, then pour into a second mixing cup and use a new stirring stick to stir for 1 more minute.

Place the clock on a disposable work surface, then pour the mixed resin all over the clock face.

Let the resin sit for just about 5 minutes, then blow gently over the surface with a straw to pop all the formed bubbles.

Now let the resin cure for at least 24 hours.

The next day, drill the center hole with a drill bit.  Then assemble the clock hardware according to the package directions.

Now you are ready to ring in the new year 2019 with a fabulous galaxy clock! 

Make the new year ring with a clock that is out of this world!


New Year’s Party Ideas

Fri, 12/21/2018 - 05:00


If you can even believe it, 2018 is coming to a close and it is time to make way for 2019! Time flies by so quickly, so it’s important to savor special moments while we can. Why not ring in the New Year this season with an amazing party? Today we’ve rounded up some of the best New Year’s Party Ideas that’ll be sure to impress all of your guests. Enjoy!

DIY New Year’s Glitter Tray | Resin Crafts Blog

Easy New Year’s Decorations | Lydi Out Loud

DIY Sparkler Toothpick Poppers | The 36th Avenue

DIY Confetti Poppers | Wedding Bells

DIY New Years Party Games | Happiness is Homemade

New Year’s Party Resolution Hats | A Little Craft In Your Day

New Year’s Bubbly Bar | So Much Better With Age

DIY Happy New Year Glitter Resin Tray

Wed, 12/19/2018 - 07:00



The first step to this project is to coat the wooden tray with Resin Spray. This will prevent the black resin from seeping into the wood. I sprayed three coats on the inside of my tray.

Next, mix Envirotex Lite. First, put on your vinyl gloves. Then add equal amounts of Part A and Part B to a large mixing cup (I used 3 oz. of each). Mix thoroughly.

Pour the resin into a second cup and add a couple squirts of black paint. Mix thoroughly again.

Add glitter to your black resin. Begin pouring it into the center of the tray.


Tip the tray to spread the resin across the entire thing. Be sure not to tip it back as soon as it hits the edges.

Be sure your tray is on a level surface. Use your micro-butane torch to pop all of the bubbles. Be sure not to scorch the resin.

Sprinkle glitter wherever you want while the resin is still wet.

Let cure for 24 hours.

Add a sticker that says Happy New Year! (I made mine from adhesive foil vinyl with my vinyl cutting machine.)

Press the letters down firmly.

Mix another batch of resin, this time leaving it clear, and pour a final coat onto your tray.

Tip to spread the resin across the entire surface.

Use your micro butane torch again to pop all the bubbles.

Let cure 24 hours.

Super glue small corks to the bottom of the tray to elevate it and leave space to slide your hands underneath, and also to prevent it from scratching any table surface.


Now you have the perfect shiny and sparkly serving tray to use at your New Year celebration this year. I hope you have an amazing 2019!



Monogram Initial Resin Pendant Necklace DIY

Mon, 12/17/2018 - 07:00

Monogram Initial Resin Pendant Necklace DIY

Hi resin crafters, it’s Natalie from Doodlecraft with an especially cute monogram initial necklace.  This particularly adorable pendant necklace is the perfect handmade gift.  Surprisingly, it’s a quick DIY too!  Once you see how easy it is, you’ll want to make one for everyone on your list.

Supplies needed:

Envirotex Jewelry Resin

Mixing cups, stirring sticks, disposable gloves

Ultra Seal

Floral Scrapbook Paper (cut into circle to fit inside bezel)

Black Vinyl Initial (use Monogram KK Font for free)

1 inch Bezel

26 inch Chain

Jewelry Pliers

Begin by using a electronic cutting machine to cut out the initial.  Then weed the excess vinyl away.

Second, transfer the initial to a circle of floral paper with transfer tape.  Cut the paper to fit inside the bezel.

Next paint some Ultra Seal inside the bezel.

Then place the initial paper into the bezel and cover the paper with Ultra Seal. 

Mix the Jewelry Resin as soon as the Ultra Seal dries.  Read the resin directions carefully and follow the instructions while mixing it.

Begin by mixing 1 part resin with 1 part hardener and stir with stick for 2 minutes.  Straightaway pour the resin into a second mixing cup and use a new stirring stick to stir for another minute.

Set the bezel on a surface to keep the pendant flat while the resin cures.  Gently pour the mixed resin into the bezel until it forms a little surface tension and rises above the edges of the bezel.  After 20 minutes, gently heat the top of the resin with a mini torch to pop any bubbles that have formed.  Then let the resin cure overnight.

Next day use some jewelry pliers to hook on a 26 inch chain to the pendant.

Now the monogram initial necklace is ready to wear or give as a uniquely elegant handmade gift.

This works especially well for a quick gift, since apart from the resin curing, it takes less than 30 minutes to make it.  Share and Pin for later.

Open-Backed Bezel Jewelry with Colored Resin

Fri, 12/14/2018 - 07:00

Jewelry resin is perfect for sealing small embellishments inside of traditional bezels, but did you know that open-backed bezels create a whole world of new resin jewelry possibilities? You can create stunning stained glass inspired pieces when you fill open-backed bezel jewelry with colored resin. Read on to learn how simple it is to do!


You can find open-backed bezels like these at your local craft store or online. They provide a wealth of options when you are working with jewelry resin.

First, cut a piece of contact paper slightly larger than the bezel you will be using. Remove the paper backing and stick the contact paper to the back of the bezel. Make sure the bezel is securely stuck to the contact paper so that the resin does not leak.

Mix up a very small amount of jewelry resin according to the package’s directions. Pour a small amount of resin into the bezel.

I chose to embed a small glittery sticker in the resin of this bezel. Then, I added a second layer of resin on top of the sticker to seal it in.

I did a few experiments with the other bezels. I added transparent resin dyes to the resin I mixed up for the other bezels.

This is how I decorated the bezels, from left to right:

  1. I swirled together red and blue resin within the star shape and left the other portions of the bezel empty.
  2. For the heart bezel, I topped red resin with lots of fine red glitter.
  3. I filled the moon bezel with blue dyed resin.
  4. After filling the star bezel with yellow resin dye, I sprinkled on just a little bit of gold glitter.

Blow lightly over the surface of the resin to remove any bubbles, and allow the resin to cure for 24 hours.  When the resin has fully cured, carefully peel the contract paper off of the finished bezels. You should now have a beautiful translucent piece of jewelry!

You can use these pieces as necklace pendants, key chains, Christmas ornaments and more!

The colored resin looks like stained glass within the pendant. They look especially beautiful when the sun shines through the resin! How would you use these lovely jewelry pieces?

DIY Resin Necklaces

Fri, 12/14/2018 - 05:00

There are so many beautiful things that you can DIY, especially with Resin! Obviously we here at Resin Crafts Blog are the biggest fan of Resin projects and are always on the hunt for the best pieces. Today we have rounded up our all-time favorite DIY Resin Necklaces for you to create for yourself! Just in time for the holiday season. Enjoy!

Which ones will you create?


DIY Resin Feather Pendant

DIY Victorian Gold Resin Necklace

DIY Paper and Resin Pendants

DIY Gemstone Cluster Necklace

DIY Wood and Resin Pendant

DIY Resin Faux Crystal Necklace

Faux Sea Glass Resin Necklace

DIY Seashell Pendants

DIY Gold and Silver Leaf Resin Pendants 

DIY Lavender Flower Pendant

Marbled Resin Round Serving Tray DIY

Wed, 12/12/2018 - 07:00

Marbled Resin Round Serving Tray DIY

It’s Natalie from Doodlecraft sharing an especially awesome resin craft!  This uniquely colorful marbled resin tray is perfect for serving up warm cocoa on a cold day.  This fun project would make a great gift also.  Let’s get started.

Supplies needed:

Envirotex Lite High Gloss Finish

Round Wood Tray

Mixing cups, stirring sticks, disposable gloves and work surface

Variety of acrylic paints

Begin by reading the directions for the Envirotex Lite High Gloss Resin.  Mix 1 part resin and 1 part hardener and stir continuously for 2 minutes.  Then pour the resin into a second cup and use a new stick to stir for 1 more minute.  Next pour a small amount of mixed resin into smaller cups.  Add a small blob of acrylic paint to each cup.

Then stir the paint into the resin until smooth.

Pour the mixed resin all into one cup in a bulls-eye pattern as pictured below.

Then pour the entire cup of resin onto the wood serving tray.

After pouring it all around, tip and tilt the tray until the entire base is covered.

Then pour all the resin remaining in each individual cup in circles on top of the poured resin. 

Then use a stirring stick to swirl and pull the resin around.  By dragging in towards the center and out toward the edges it creates an almost floral look with the marbling.  After 20 minutes, use a mini torch or heat gun to gently pop any bubbles that have formed.  Now set it aside to cure and dry for 48 hours.

After curing; it is shiny, glossy and ready to use!  The flecks of colors, the spirals and movement are just so fun.  Marbled resin is an especially fun technique and makes a great statement.

Just add cocoa!

Wood Framed Faux Stained Glass

Mon, 12/10/2018 - 07:00

Hello resin crafters! I am excited to share this Faux Stained Glass project with you! It’s a fun method to create some pretty art!




Begin by cutting the balsa wood pieces with your hobby knife and creating your design.

Use super glue to adhere the pieces together quickly.

Once you have your design completely assembled, spray it with a couple coats of Resin Spray to seal the wood.


Flip it back over and place inside a box in case the resin leaks at all.

Next, mix your Envirotex Lite! Please put on your vinyl gloves first. As you can see I missed that in this step, but soon realized my mistake and put them on for the rest of the project. You don’t want this stuff on your hands!

Mix equal amounts of Part A and B in a large cup. Stir thoroughly then pour the resin into smaller cups for coloring.

Pour the resin into each section as you like. As you can see mine leaked a little because I didn’t have the tape pressed on well enough. When I noticed this I put something heavy on the frame to hold it down better and it prevented more leaking. Just a tip.

Once you have it all poured, let the entire thing cure for 24 hours.

Remove the tape from the back of the artwork.

The back will have a matte finish because of the tape, so you may need to spray the back again with Resin Spray to finish it off and create a glossy finish again. Once that dries, you’re done!


I hope you like this Wood Framed Faux Stained Glass artwork. It was really fun to create and I can think of many designs I’d like to do.

Thank you for reading!



DIY Pet Gifts

Fri, 12/07/2018 - 07:00

‘Tis the season to give all the special people in our life a DIY gift from the heart. But not just the people in our life, but our pets too! There are so many great projects to create to give your furry friend some extra love. We’ve rounded up the best options to create this holiday season. Enjoy!

Which ones will you create?

DIY Pet Toy | My So Called Crafty Life

DIY Pet Bandanas | Skip To My Lou

Large Wood Pet Kennel | Ana White

DIY Litter Box Cover | A Beautiful Mess

DIY Cat House | Burkatron

DIY Dog Bone Wreath | Make Life Lovely

DIY Rope Ball Toy | Hands Occupied

DIY Pet Stocking | 3 Little Greenwoods

DIY Dog Treat Jar | Hello Nature

Glitter Resin Wine Charms

Wed, 12/05/2018 - 07:00

Create beautiful resin wine charms with glitter, letter stickers, and EasyCast Clear Casting Epoxy! 

Hey Resin Crafters! Amber Oliver here with another great resin craft. I love to read (I mentioned this in my resin bookmarks post!) and I try to get together with my book club every few months. Inevitably, schedules don’t sync up and we all get busy so sometimes it’s hard to keep up our little group. When we do manage to arrange a time to meet, sometimes the drinks, snacks, and catching up takes priority over the books! But that’s half the fun, right? One problem when everyone is drink the same red or white wine is mixing up your wine glasses. I created beautiful, monogrammed resin wine charms to help!


Step 1: First, prepare the EasyCast Clear Casting Epoxy.  This is a multi-step process so don’t start mixing until you are ready to do the whole process from beginning to end! Start by mixing EQUAL parts of the Hardener and the Resin.

Stir for two minutes (be sure to scrape the bottoms and sides) then pour from the first cup into a second and mix with a new stir stick for another minute.

Step 2: Once your resin in ready, add in a bit of glitter!

Step 3: Place stickers into the molds.

Step 4: Pour resin into the mold. (Make sure the letter is covered but don’t make your charm too thick!)


Step 5: After you’ve allowed enough time for the resin to cure, you can remove from the molds.

Step 6: The last step for creating resin wine charms is to drill a small hole in the top and tie on the stretch cord!

Using the stretch cord makes it easy to attach around the stem of your wine glass. I used different colors for the cord for another way to tell each glass apart. As with all my resin projects – this once would be easily customized! Instead of glitter you could use Castin’Craft Opaque Pigments to do different colors! I hope this project inspires you to create your own resin wine charms!

Faux-Watercolor Resin Feather Pendants

Mon, 12/03/2018 - 07:00

Add a touch of nature to your wardrobe with pretty watercolor-inspired resin feather pendants.

DIY Resin Feather Pendants

Hello! This is Jane from Sustain My Craft Habit, a DIY, craft and home decor blog I write with my sister Sonja. Over the past couple of years I have been admiring watercolor painting and learning it myself. We have a number of watercolour printables available on our blog including a “Hugs for Free” cactus wall art, watercolor spider web Halloween art and printable Christmas place cards.

So when I spotted this great feather silicone mold I wondered if I could recreate a watercolor effect with resin. Not only did the feathers turn out beautifully, but they were so much fun to “paint”! They’ve given me the desire to try other faux-watercolor projects with resin.

Materials Needed to Make the Resin Feather Pendants

How to Make Faux Watercolour Resin Feather Pendants

Prior to starting your project be sure to read through the packaging instructions to acheive the best results. Use gloves and work in a well-ventilated area.

To begin, mix exactly equal amounts of Resin and Hardener into a small measuring cup.

Stir continuously for 2 minutes, scraping the sides of the container.

Pour the mixture into a second cup and stir for an additional minute (use a new stir stick). Scrape the sides of the container as you mix.

Carefully pour the resin into the feather mold compartments. Be careful not to overfill.

Use a toothpick to guide resin into the smaller areas of the mold.

Carefully place one drop each of red, blue, green, orange and yellow (or any colours your choose) transparent resin dye onto a plastic plate.

With a toothpick, randomly place drops of different colours throughout the liquid resin.

Using the toothpick, draw out the drops of dye through the resin. Try and follow the patterns in the feather mold.

Continue adding colours and drawing them through the resin until you’re happy with the effect.

Take your time, yet don’t overwork the colours or they will all blend together.

Once finished with the dye, carefully blow off any airbubbles from the surface of the resin using a straw.

Cover the resin feathers and allow to cure for 24 hours (will fully cure after 72 hours).

To make the feathers into pretty, nature-inspired pendants, carefully drill a small hole through the stem of the feather. Add a 5mm jump ring through the hole and string on any other embellishments you’d like. Add a 10mm jump ring for hanging.

We love how these resin feather pendants turned out. They have the perfect boho-style feel to them, don’t they? They reminded us of this faux-stone bracelet we made last year and these peacock feather resin coasters made by our fellow Resin Crafts Creative team member Kelli.

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DIY Spa Gifts

Fri, 11/30/2018 - 05:00

Sometimes the best gift that you could ever give somebody in your life is the gift of relaxation. What better way than to give the gift of a stay-at-home spa day? Going to a spa can be expensive, but you can DIY your way to the perfect spa day and share it with someone you care about. We have rounded up some of the best DIY Spa Gift options for you all in one place to enjoy.

Which ones will you create?


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DIY Resin Chess Pieces

Wed, 11/28/2018 - 07:00

Hello resin crafters! Today I’m here with the second part of the resin chess set project; the pieces! If you missed it, be sure to check out my Upcycle Tile to Resin Coated Chess Board tutorial to find a quick and easy way to make a beautiful chess board. I don’t know about you, but my kids are not careful with anything. They constantly have me worried they’ll break our nice glass chess set, so I wanted to make them a version of their own that will be less fragile. This would also be useful if they lose any pieces! Here’s how I made them:

Supplies for the Molds:
  • EasyMold Silicone Rubber
  • Disposable Plastic Containers
  • Wooden Stir Sticks
  • Glue Gun and Glue Sticks (can also use modeling clay)
  • Chess Pieces you want to replicate
  • Vinyl Gloves
Supplies for the Castings:

Make the Mold(s):

Alright, I am going to show you how I created my mold. In hindsight, I would create a couple separate molds as it became difficult to remove the castings later on, but this process will still give you a good guideline on how to make those. This one large mold still worked for me, but I’ll explain as I go what issues I ran into.

The first thing to do is get your container that will fit your pieces inside. (Again, looking back, I’d probably find two separate containers.)

Add hot glue to the bottom of your chess pieces and glue them to the inside of your plastic container. Be sure to get the glue all around the bottom edge to seal it. This will hold them in place and prevent the Silicone Rubber from seeping underneath.

I used an old plastic container that we no longer had a lid for but I would recommend using something with thinner plastic. This was very strong and made the removal process a couple steps from now more difficult than it should have been.

Time to mix the Silicone Rubber! Put Part A into a large mixing container (I used a cleaned large yogurt container shown later.)

Then add Part B and mix thoroughly! 

As you can see I poured them both into a large mixing container and mixed thoroughly. You’ll then be using a two-cup method and mixing it again in a different container.

To do this, I poured some of the rubber into a smaller cup and made sure it was thoroughly mixed. I did the same with a second batch because I wanted to be sure I had the right amount of rubber to cover all the pieces.

Pour the Silicone Rubber onto the pieces. Pour from above and keep pouring in the same spot, this will help reduce air bubbles.

Once the pieces are covered by the Silicone Rubber, tap the entire thing on the table a few times to help release the bubbles. I also used a small needle to pop many of these bubbles you see.

Remove the Mold:

Once the Silicone Rubber mold is cured, you’ll want to remove it from the plastic container. This was difficult with mine because the plastic was so thick and did not bend at all, so again, I recommend using a container with more pliable plastic (like that old yogurt container I used.) The first step is to try to break the seals of the sides. Because my container was so strong, I used wooden sticks in all the sides to break the seal. Once that was done it became fairly easy for me to manuever it out of the container.

The chess pieces still had hot glue on the bottom of them, so I peeled that off and this is what I was left with:

So now it is time to take the glass pieces out of the mold. Again, first try to break the seal on all sides. Because I did all of this in one big mold it made it very difficult to bend the silicone rubber and I had a hard time getting the pieces and the future castings out of the mold. I did find a good solution though, as seen in the picture below, use a craft knife to cut a thin line down the edge of the piece. This gives you the ability to open it a little more and remove the pieces. I did this for most of the pieces.

All that being said, by creating two different molds I think it would be easier to remove the pieces, it’s up to you.

Cast New Pieces with FastCast

Now time to create new chess pieces! Gather your FastCast, measuring cups, mold and gloves!

First, you only have a minute or so to work with the FastCast once the two parts are together, so work quickly. Mix equal amounts of FastCast Part A and B in a measuring cup and add some black pigment. Mix thoroughly. Pour into second cup and mix again. Then pour into the mold. As you can see, there are cuts in the mold but because the Silicone Rubber holds it’s shape so well I didn’t have to worry about it at all.

Do that step a couple times until you have all the gray pieces you need. FastCast dries in an off-white color, so any color you add to it will be lighter. Therefore, adding black gives us gray pieces, which happen to match the Upcycle Tile to Resin Coated Chess Board perfectly.

Now mix just the two parts together without adding pigment for the off-white pieces. This color also matches well. If you want though, you can use a different color. It’s all personal preference. Here are a few shots to show how it looks after they cure.


Once you have all your pieces made, add them to your chess board and admire your awesome new, much less fragile, chess set!



What do you think? Let me know in the comments. If you liked this project, please share the image below on Pinterest or with the social media buttons on the left side of the screen.

Pour on!