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Resin Fleur-de-Lis Bezel Charm

Mon, 10/26/2015 - 07:00
Hello ETI resin fans, Lisa Marie Jimenez here today, to show you how to make this Fleur-de-Lis  Bezel Charm. 
This charm is one of my favorite charms to make and I use this style charm in my own jewelry designs.   Making this charm is easy using ETI Jewelry Resin along with seed beads, a charm and a bezel.   

Let’s get started: 
First mix the ETI Jewelry Resin according to the manufacturer’s instructions.  Use a clean wooden stick to add a thin layer of resin into the bezel.  

Next, add the seed beads slowly into the bezel.  Dumping the beads all at once into the bezel will cause the resin to “splash” up onto the sides of the bezel.  As you can see, I have not removed the bubbles from the resin prior to adding the beads.  I have found that when adding the beads, this will cause more bubbles and release some, so I wait until I am finished adding the beads to remove them.

Use a toothpick move the beads around in the bezel to cover the entire bezel and to flatten them down.   Add more beads as necessary to fill the bezel.  

Once again flatten the beads down, so you have a smooth layer.  Now you may remove the bubbles from the resin using a lighter.  Wave the lighter over the bezel a few times.

Add a charm (ring cut off) on top of the beads.  Use a toothpick to arrange the charm so that it is centered.  Next, add another layer of resin on top of the beads, going around the charm.  I found it best to use a toothpick to add the resin for this step. Remove any bubbles with a lighter. Allow the resin to cure. 

Your Fleur-de-Lis Charm is finished. This charm is ready to be used on a bracelet or necklace.  The possibilities are endless, as you can use different bead colors and charms.
What will you fill your next bezel with?
Thank you for stopping by today, I hope you enjoyed my blog post.  To see more of my jewelry and craft tutorials please visit my blog

Resin Jar Topper with Pony Beads

Thu, 10/22/2015 - 07:00

Today I am sharing another Jar Topper, this one is with Pony Bead.
The process to create this is so easy...and the cool part is you can put just about anything on the top of the jar topper, for example: buttons, screws, bolts, give you a few more ideas.  This is a great project to make to get a bit organized...
Here is how to do the project:
 I measured 1/2 ounce of the resin and hardener from the EnviroTex Lite®.I poured them together.
and mixed for a full two minutes.
Then I poured the mixture into another cup and mixed for another minute.

I poured some of the resin mixture out onto the jar topper.

I placed some pony beads on top and

Then I added more resin and let it dry for 12 hours.

Then I mixed up some more resin and repeated the above steps...3 more times.
To get the height I wanted...I could have gone higher as the resin is solid.What would you put on top of a jar topper?Let me know in the comments below.

Easily Paint Colored Resin

Tue, 10/20/2015 - 07:00
A couple months ago I shared how to add pigment to resin to give it color.. Adding color to resin is easy to do...ETI has Transparent and Opaque Dyes that make it's how:
Mix your resin according to manufacturers instructions and pick the color you would like to use.
Simply add a small amount and mix into the resin.
Pour into molds...
of choice.
Use a lighter to remove any bubbles that rise to the top.  Let dry 24 hours...
Now you have wonderful resin pieces to use in projects. While these items are white, and you may have wondered, what in the world would you do with them...first of all I was testing how the white pigment would look in a completed resin piece knowing that white would be a good base color to go over once I decided what to do with these pieces.  I thought I would share what we did with the cameo when my mom was visiting last month... First we used Iridescents Sheer Silver to add some color.  This is a very sheer medium and a touch of the white shows through which is perfect.
Once dry we added just a touch of Rub and Buff to some of the raised areas.
Now this is ready for a pin back for a pin, a jewelry bail and beautiful chain for a necklace, it could be the focal point of a mixed media project, or oh so many things...

Resin Compact filled with Memories

Fri, 10/16/2015 - 07:00
I love to preserve memories in items that can be seen and used.  I found some inexpensive beaded compacts recently while shopping and knew they would be perfect for a memory project. I got out a tweezers and started by removing all of the micro beads.There was also adhesive that had to be removed.I then cleaned the surface.
 I printed out my parents wedding photo and applied a layer of Ultra-Seal to the back and let it dry.I then applied two layers of Ultra-Seal to the front of the photo, letting it dry in between coats.I  I cut the photo into the correct size circle for the compact.
 Then I glued it into the compact with some of the Ultra-Seal.
 I measured out equal parts of the resin and hardener of Envirotex Lite into two cups.  I mixed them together for two minutes.  I then poured the mixture into another cup and mixed thoroughly for one minute. 
 I poured the resin onto the photo, being sure not to go over the lip of the compact.There were a coupld air bubbles that come to the the top, so I used lighter to remove them.
 I placed some crystal trim around the outside edge of the compact.I should have waited for the resin to set up a bit before doing this I had to adjust the trim several times to keep it in place, but once3 dried the resin acts like a glue and the crystals stay perfectly.
Although this photo does not do it justice, I love how this project turned out.  A bonus to this project was that my mom was here visiting (as she lives in Florida) and able to see the process and help with this project which made it even more special and a perfect gift for her to have as a keepsake.

Resin Paper Series #1

Wed, 10/14/2015 - 07:00
Hi There! My name is Karen Bearse & I am new to the ResinCrafts team of guest designers.  I am very excited to be a part of this team as I love, love playing with resin.  Some of the ETI products are new to me so we can get to know them together.  For my first few posts I will be doing a series on creating and designing with resin and paper.  These 2 are a match made in crafting heaven! I will also be doing some posts where I use the resin/paper I make so stay tuned!!!
 Here is what I started with. The EasyCast clear casting epoxy, rubber gloves, measuring cups with stir sticks, a piece of kitchen sponge. 
I simply followed the easy directions to make the resin - read the instructions for full info- pour 1oz each of resin and hardener and mix together with the stir stick for 2 minutes, then pour into a 2nd new cup and with a new stir stick, stir for 1minute. 
With this project we don't need to be concerned with bubbles. Use a cut off piece of kitchen sponge & gloves apply a thin coat of resin to each side of paper and than set aside to dry overnight.  I used tissue paper, book paper and paper napkin as my substrate, each turned out very differently.  This can be a bit messy but trust me is worth the results!  You do have to be careful what surface you set your piece to dry on, so read on.
First the tissue paper- this was probably the coolest.  I used a beige piece of 7gypsies tissue paper and ended up with a completely translucent piece that was much like a piece of light composite mica used in collage etc.  It made the tissue paper stronger with a plastic finish but it will still tear. 
Next up a paper napkin.  I did not pull apart the layers but left it in one piece and applied my resin.  This piece is less translucent, sort of like a frosted glass but is much stiffer.  It can be torn but not as easily.  It feels even more like a plastic than the tissue paper. 
The next piece was a learning moment.  I used a piece of Asian book paper that had a bit of a glossy finish.  I left it to dry on a piece of plastic garbage bag.  The bag would not remove from the paper and I had to leave it attached and cut it out.  The resin/bag/paper is a lot like a lamented piece, is hard to tear and the bag is bubbled and crunchy on the other side-hum could be interesting. 
Here is the backside, you can see the bubbles in the plastic where it did not adhere to the paper. Yet the front side is very smooth. 
Lastly I took a regular piece of book paper. I added a drop of green transparent dye in the final mix stage. 
The resin made the paper translucent, in fact you can see the back page of the writing through the sheet.  The ink gives it a tinted look but doesn't take away from the translucency- very cool!  I had put this piece to dry on a different store plastic bag & while it did peel away from the bag it left the back side embedded with the creases from the bag.  I learned a great deal with this simple process so lets just finish with some tips.
a)I was tempted to touch the resin/paper after a few hours just to test- this resulted in a very sticky finger! Let dry over night to prevent sticky fingers!
b)The best surface to let your paper dry is the non-stick craft sheet by Ranger.  Once dry it is very easy to pick up the resin/paper.  You can easily clean your craft sheet by scrapping off any resin that is left.  I tested both plastic bags and wax paper and the results were not as simple.  One of the grocery store plastic bags adhered to back of the paper while another one didn't- no idea why.  The wax paper fared a little better but it was tough to peel off in places.  I think if you pick the resin/paper up once it is partially set and set it back down it might be easier.  I will test this theory next time.  For me I just went and bought a second craft mat! 
c)applying a heavier amount of resin gave the paper a more plastic like feeling that was almost impossible to tear-fun!  
d)if I pulled away apart the layers of the paper napkin and only used resin on the image piece my resin/paper was translucent and reacted much like tissue paper. 
You can use your resin/paper for cards, art journal to die cut images the list is endless. Join me next time as we further investigate resin/paper! 

Resin and Gold Crafty Trinkets

Mon, 10/12/2015 - 07:00
Hello, my dear crafty friends, Irit here, and welcome to my October project made for ETI blog.  This time, I really messed up at first, but then those lemons gave me a great lemonade.  So here is a story about my mess up.
I wanted to make some amber color resin trinkets and beads and I was thinking about the amber part that I already casted in the past.
1.So I mixed a pretty large portion of Easy Cast Resin , like maybe total of 6 oz (3+3 of each part) and then in a second of  bad lighting I added Transparent Red dye into the whole mixture. 

2.So now it was a kind of red and  you don't have much to do, but to put it into your molds and to think it over when it's dry.  And you don't have a lot of time to pick your molds or to use your Mold release.  You need to move and move fast.  So I picked two molds that don't need  any release medium and just filled them with the red transparent resin.

3. After like 24 hours those pieces were out and in a great, still red shape.

4. But as this red seemed to for me and not interesting I decided to try gold paint that I had in my stash.  A few of them were to light and not seen.   A few were too thick and not nice looking over the resin.  And then it was like " BINGO": very old, maybe 8 years old Spanish  liquid gold paint and it was a HIT!  Just two seconds to dry over resin pieces and look how gorgeous this golden coverage looks!  And just to add: I just Googled this company. and after 3-4 tries with well known USA companies  this Spanish gold is  GOLD and available if you are interested...not a plug for the company, just information for you!

5. As a next step I just arranged my  red- gold beauties into some wearable/useful trinkets.Some were made as pendants.  Some were made into magnets.  One was done into a staple book mark.  I also painted all metal parts I used with the very same  liquid gold and as you see it looks like a real thing.  Each piece here was glued with a small mix of the very same ETI Easy Cast Resin and I added the same clear resin into this trinket with white pearls on the bottom.

Let me show you a few of them :
 And some more:

And a few more:

Now that I know how to make this golden glaze over resin pieces, I am sure I will use all other pigments colors and will have a nice trinket collection to use with my future projects.

Resin Workshops at Mall of America part 3

Thu, 10/08/2015 - 07:00
In the last two post I have shared with you a workshop I taught at the Bella Crafts Connections at Mall of America last month.  Today I am sharing what the students created using the Jewelry Clay.
 The students started with equal parts A and B of the Jewelry Clay...
then they mixed them together until they achieved a uniform color.This was set set aside while they decided if they would place the clay into a bottle cap,cut out a shape with some cutters I brought or do....

a Free Form design...this one the student created and was going to let it dry, then paint it.

 This one was cut with a round cutter (like a cookie cutter),then Iridescent Powders were added anda button put into the leaving this to dry complete the button and pwoderswill remain in tack...this product is so cool!!

 Here the clay was overfilled into the bottle cap,chuncky glitter was placed on top anda bolt was placed into the center.
This one was the clay was placed into a bottle cap with crystals addedand glass glitter on the top.
 Here the clay is put into a blottle cap with a few crystals added,a charm and chunky and glass glitter placed on top.
 I think this piece has such great sparkle...the clay was placed into a bottle cap,and several colors of chunky and glass glitterwere added to the simple yet it has a wow effect!
 Here is the last piece I got a photo has an assortment of charms, with glitter pressed into the clay,I believe it has both chunky, glass and ultra fine glitter and finished with Pearl Iridescent Powers.
I hope you enjoyed seeing the creations of several of the students in the last three post!

Resin Workshops at Mall of America part 2

Tue, 10/06/2015 - 07:00
Last Friday I shared the first part of one of my workshops I taught during the Bella Crafts Connections Craft Retreat at Mall of America using ETI Jewelry Resin and Jewelry Clay.  Today I will share the 2nd bezel the students worked on during class... I brought extra bezels for the workshop so that the students could try something totally on their own...they did and they had fun!!
 They started by measuring equal amounts of the jewelry resin, mixing them together and stirring for 2 minutes.  Then pouring into a second cup and mixing for another minute.  This mixture was then set aside so they could decide what to put into their bezels. 
  I showed the students what the resin looked like with a small amount of Iridescent Powders added to give them the beautiful results you can get by adding just a bit of the powder (the photo above shows an example of what the powders look like with the resin).
Here are some of the results of the students bezels...
For the second project simple brass rectangle bezels were used...Here a stamped popscile stick, a charm and glass glitter was used.
 Crystals and glittered resin was used here.
 Iridescent Powders with the resin and some beads were used in this bezel.
 A photo and glittered resin are in this bezel.
 Small flowers and colored resin were used here, I believe the resin was colored with Iridescent Powders, but I am not 100% on that.
 Flower charms, glitter glass and glittered resin were used here.
Some charms and glitter glass are used in this bezel. On Thursday I will share what some of the students created using Jewelry Clay.

Resin Workshops at Mall of America

Fri, 10/02/2015 - 07:00
This past week I was at Bella Crafts Connections Craft Retreat at Mall of America...and one of the workshops I taught was using ETI Jewelry Resin and Jewelry Clay with Bezels.The workshop was scheduled for 2 hours and the students completed 3 to 4 projects each.  I am going to divide the segments of workshop into three blog post to showcase what the students created.... This is a workshop that Kristi Parker was originally going to teach and was unable to make it to the event, so this first project is one she designed using ETI Jewerly Resin, a Spellbinders Bezel and matching die. To get started the students measured equal parts of the resin and hardener, mixed them together and stirred the mixture for 2 minutes.  Then poured the mixture into another cup and stirred for another minute.  Then they set this aside while they decided what to put into the bezel.
 We had pre-die cut paper to fit into the bezels, to which the students applied 2 layers of decoupage to the front and back and used a heat gun to dry completely.  Next they glued the paper into the bezel and choose items to add....which included....
 Glass Glitter

and more before pouring the resin mixture into the bezel.  Above are a few of the finished bezels from the students....they all turned out great and each unique in there own way.
Check back next Tuesday to check out the second bezel they used in class and how those turned out....

Resin and Stone Bezel

Wed, 09/30/2015 - 07:00
Today on the blog we have Artist Mark James  with a simple Bezel project...
What can go into a bezel?  You may ask.  Well, almost anything as long as you can fit the items inside of the bezel and ETI Jewelry Resin will hold the items place.  
 I have had this package of small polished rstones for years, so I thought I would see what they looked like in this bezel before I added the Jewelry Resin...I liked the look so here is how I created it:
I measured out equal parts of the resin and hardener.
 Then I mixed them together and stirred for 2 minutes...
I then poured the mixture into another cup and mixed for another minute.
I placed the stones into the bezel and added the resin.It did not take much, and I was careful not to overfill.There were no air bubbles that came up to the top, but if there had beenI would have simply blown them away, with a heat gun.
I set it aside to dry for 24 hours...
I love how it turned out...
I simply added a ribbon to finish it off!

Candles by the Sea Shore with Resin

Mon, 09/28/2015 - 07:00
Hi everyone Steph Ackerman here using EasyCast Clear Casting Epoxy from Environmental Technology Inc.  What do you do with all those shells your family collected from the beach all summer?  Do you put them aside or perhaps discard them when no one is looking?  How about embedding them in resin so you have a permanent reminder of the summer.

Here's how...

Begin by mixing equal parts resin and hardener.  Mix for 2 minutes scraping the container to mix all the resin together.
Next, pour the resin into a clean container and mix for another minute.
Pour about 1" of resin in the bottom of the glass jars.
Place the seashells in the jars, gently pushing them down into the resin.  The resin will seal them in place.. The jars can now be a remembrance of beach days.  Place tea light candles in the cavity of the jar,  The cavity will hold the candle in place.  Now you can light up the shells in the evening.  To finish, tie some twine around the jars and add metal embellishments
 Thanks for stopping by today.

Resin Gift Box

Thu, 09/24/2015 - 04:00
I found these awesome Mod-podge molds at the store and knew they would be perfect to use with I had to give it a try and created this little Resin Gift Box....Here's what you need to get started... Supplies: EasyCast Paper Mache Box Decorative Cardstock, DCWV LiquiTex, Primary Blue FolkArt, Country Twill Rub n Buff, Gold Recollections Ultrafine Glitter, Glitz Ultra-Seal E6000
Tools: Mod-podge Mold, Ornaments, Cups, Stir Stick, Paper Trimmer, Paint Brush, Toothpick
Start by painting the inside and outside of the box, let dry.  Repeat. Use the paper trimmer to cut card stock 1/4” smaller than the top and sides of the box and lid, use Mod-podge to adhere to the box.
Measure equal amounts of resin and hardener, mix together for two minutes.

Pour mixture into new cup and mix for one minute.

Add a drop of Blue to resin, stir thoroughly.

Add a touch of glitter to resin, stir thoroughly.
 Pour resin into mold, blow on any air bubbles if needed, let dry 12 hours.   Repeat three times.
 Rub a touch of gold onto resin pieces.
 Adhere 4 pieces to bottom of the box for feet and 
the additional pieces as shown in main photo.

Resin Coffee Bean Tray

Tue, 09/22/2015 - 07:00
When I was shopping for new items to use in my crafting I came upon a 2 pack of serving trays for $5 and could not pass them they would be perfect to use for a project with EnviroTex Lite...I choose to try something a bit different and make a Coffee Bean Serving Tray...I love how it turned out!Here's how I made it: Supplies: EnviroTex Lite Wooden Serving Tray FolkArt Paint, Licorice, Country Twill Coffee Beans
Tools: Cups, Stir Stick, Paint Brush, Sandpaper, Heat Gun
Paint inside and out side of tray with Country Twill, let dry Paint entire tray, except inside bottom with Licorice, let dry. Sand away areas of the tray to let the Country Twill show through and to give a distressed look.
Measure equal amounts of resin and hardener, mix together for two minutes. Pour mixture into new cup and mix for one minute.
Pour a thin layer of resin into the bottom of the tray, let set up for about 10 minutes
Then add coffee beans in the bottom of the tray.  Use heat gun to remove any air bubbles, let dry 6 hours.
Mix some more resin, then apply over coffee beans.  Use heat gun to remove any air bubbles, let dry 12 hours.  Repeat.
The tray turned out beautiful...

Scripted Resin and Wood Coasters

Fri, 09/18/2015 - 07:00
I have always used coasters in my house, which might be one of the reasons why I like coming up with new designs and ways of creating them and I love these Resin & Wood coasters....I love this scripted cardstock I found from DCWV, it was perfect for these coasters!Here's how I created them...

EnviroTex LiteUltra-SealWood Coaster SetPaper, DCWV
Tools: Painters tape, Paper trimmer, Cups, Stir stick, Paintbrush, Sander

Cut paper to fit the top of the coasters. Apply Ultra-Seal to the back of the paper, let dry.  Apply two coats of the Ultra-Seal to the front side of the paper, letting dry between coats.
Apply Ultra-Seal to the wood coaster and add the paper on top, let dry.
 Measure equal amounts of resin and hardener, mix together for two minutes.
 Pour mixture into new cup and mix for one minute.

Place tape around coaster, with about 1/8” lip above the top of the coaster.
 Pour resin mixture on the coaster.
Brush resin, if needed to the edges of the coasters. Blow on resin to remove air bubbles if needed, let dry 24 hours.

 Remove tape and sand the edges.

Layered Resin Marble Paper Weight

Wed, 09/16/2015 - 07:00
Mark James here with another project using EasyCast Clear Casting Epoxy to create a Layered Marble Paper Weight.  It truly is amazing that you can put just about anything into the EasyCast to make a one of a kind paper weight. Here is how to make one of your own...
 Gather your supplies...I used an assortment of glass marbles and an ETI Coaster Mold
I measured out 1 ounce of  the EasyCast Resin and Hardener
I mixed them together for 2 minutes, then poured them into a new cup and mixed for another minute.
I sprayed the inside of the mold with Castin Craft Mold Release.
 Pour the mixed resin into the mold.
Place the glass marbles into the mold and let it set for 6 - 8 hours.
Mix up some more resin and pour into the mold, then add some more marbles and let set for 6 - 8 hours.
Mix a small amount of resin and add a drop of White Opaque Pigment, mix together and add to the mold.
Let set for 12 hours and remove from the mold.
The layers look great and there are so many possibilities...I am looking forward to trying!

Spooky Resin Treat Dish

Mon, 09/14/2015 - 07:00
Hi everyone, Steph Ackerman here with a fun spooky treat dish.  It's almost Halloween so why not create a fun project the kids will love.I painted a wood dish with Earth Safe Finishes Chalk It Up paint in  Pear Compote and Licorice.  I also painted a bat with Licorice and adhered it to the outside of the dish.

While waiting for the paint to dry, I mixed equal amounts of EasyCast Clear Casting Epoxy resin and hardener for 2 minutes.

Next, I transferred the mix into a second container and mixed for another minute.

I poured a light layer of EasyCast Clear Casting Expoxy in the bottom of my bowl then added in assorted sized wiggly eyes.  Then I poured another layer on top.

As the resin hardened, I also placed a few beads amongst the eyes. 

Wouldn't this be fun to put your Halloween candy in?  I'm sure the little one's eyes will go wild when they see the bottom of this candy dish!  I love how the eyes appear to be floating in the resin.

Thanks for stopping by today.


Making Letter Molds with Silicone Putty

Thu, 09/10/2015 - 07:00
One of my favorite things to do is to make my own molds from EasyMold Silicone Putty!  So when I was creating a memo board of sorts to keep notes posted....I thought it would be great to make molds from the wooden letters I had bought, so that I would always have them available to make letters out of Resin or Clay whenever I needed them for a project...Here's how I started:
I got out my Silicon Putty
Measured out two equal balls of part A and B
 Mixed them together 
Until I have a uniform color.
 I pushed my 2 1/2" wooden letter into the Silicone Putty and repeated for all of the letters I was using.  I let them set up for about 20 minutes.  PLEASE NOTE: If you want to use the mold right away with resin, bake it in an oven for about 30 minutes on 350 degrees, and let cool.  Otherwise wait 48 hours for the mold to cure completely before using with resin.  
Once the molds were ready I mixed EasyCast® (get instructions here) with a couple drops of Black Opaque Pigment and poured it into the letter molds.  I waited 24 hours for them to set and be ready to use. I glued the letters onto a distressed board to say "Notes".  I then on three clothespins,centered under "Notes", and glued Resin Flowers (I created from the post on Tuesday)on top of the clothespins.  I added a couple additional flowers in the corners.

Creating Resin Flowers

Wed, 09/09/2015 - 07:00
Resin Flowers were on my mind a few weeks ago so I thought I would give it a try using EnviroTex Lite.  I love the result I got... See all of that wonderful shine? Here's How I created them...
Supplies:EnviroTex Lite
Assortment of flower petals, paper or fabric
Surface to work on

Apply a layer of Ultra-Seal onto one side of the flower petals with paintbrush.  Let Dry.Apply a second layer of Ultra-Seal onto one side of the flower petals.  Let Dry.Repeat for the back side of the petals.  
Measure out equal parts of the EnviroTex Lite resin and hardener. Then mix them together and stir for two minutes. Then pour into a new container and mix for another minute.
Brush a thin layer of  EnviroTex Lite onto the flower petals.  Let dry 4 - 6 hours.Brush on a second layer and let dry for 12 hours.Repeat for the back if desired.
Once they are dry you will have a wonderful assortment of petals to create flowers.
Layer 3 petals together and put a brad through the center.
This photo does not do the resin flowers justice as they are just so cool!

Happy Labor Day

Mon, 09/07/2015 - 07:00
We would like to wish everyone a very Happy Labor Day!!

Autumn Resin Tray

Fri, 09/04/2015 - 07:00
Hi everyone, Madeline Arendt here to share a project I created using EnviroTex Lite.  Around this time of the year, I get excited for the cooler days and the changing colors.  Being from the midwest, I love Autumn time!

All around the house, both inside and out, decorations go up to celebrate this lovely season.  This little project will be a new addition to my ever-growing collection of Autumn decor.  For now it will be used as a candle tray on my large kitchen island.  Other ideas would be to use it near the front entrance for a key holder or mail holder during the months of Autumn.

This project began with a small 12" x 8" unfinished, wooden tray.  NOTE: Any size tray will work, but the amount of the pour-on finish will have to be adjusted accordingly.


EnviroTex Lte® Pour-On High Gloss Finish - 8 oz.
Wooden Tray or Container with sides
Leaves (Real or Artificial)
Tissue Paper (Colored)
Ribbon (Optional)

  1. Paint the outside, bottom and around the inner sides of the tray with brown paint.  NOTE: If desired, dry brush the painted surface with a metallic color, such as copper.
  2. Layer torn pieces of yellow tissue paper onto the bottom, inside of the tray using Ultra-Seal. Allow to dry well.
  3. Place real or artificial leaves onto the tissue paper as desired.  Use Ultra-Seal to secure the leaves in place.  Allow to dry well.  NOTE: If necessary, cover the leaves with parchment paper and weight them down till dry. 
  4. Varnish the tray and allow to dry.
  5. Prepare the EnviroTex Lite® according to the package directions (Click here for step by step instructions).  Once mixed properly, immediately pour into the tray.  Set aside to harden 24 - 72 hours.
  6. Add a decorative ribbon around the outer sides of the tray.  (OPTIONAL).